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The author’s school “Living matter” coordinates the progressive forces of modern society in mobilizing efforts to implement programs initiated by V. Bronnikov. In the field of the Science of Cosmopsychobiology, assists and supports the working groups, the International Coordination Centers and other elements of the Bronnikov-Fecleron System. The School considers as its initial task the creation of infrastructure, for the creation of a scientific base, an economic base, a base for training specialists for the implementation of projects and programs of the Bronnikov-Fekleron System. We believe that without the establishment of contacts between the individual participants of the System, stakeholders, working groups, club systems and official structures, this task is impossible.

The author’s school “Living matter” unites and invites to cooperation all enthusiasts who are close to the ideas and plans for the development of the Bronnikov-Fekleron system, System experts, as well as professionals in the field of modern technologies of the 6th and 7th technological order who want to invest in the process The phase transition of mankind into a new quality.


  • Development of the information promotion strategy for the Bronnikov-Fekleron System. Formation and approbation of theoretical bases of such advancement.
  • Development and implementation of social self-organization programs for the formation of living systems.
  • Creation of information infrastructure on the Internet.
  • Active promotion of ideas, projects and programs of the Bronnikov-Fekleron system with the formation of a synergetic effect in the social masses.
  • The advance development of the directions of the System, on the basis of scientific research works.
  • Expert scientific evaluation in the development and support of priority investment projects from approval to their full implementation.
  • Assistance in coordinating and coordinating projects with state structures.
  • Assist in establishing working contacts and developing cooperation between the structures of the Bronnikov-Fekleron System based on the principles of synergetics.
  • Participation in the creation and improvement of the methodological base of the Centers (MCC, CC, AC, CR).
  • Scientific and research support for the development and implementation of promising projects and programs of the System.

The author’s school has the authority to authorize the work of permanent or temporary workers and project teams, departments and other units in order to effectively solve the tasks set.

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